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Hi, welcome to the Logger testing family

Logger is an app that makes it really easy to track anything meaningful to you. I built Logger because I wanted to keep track of the outfits I was wearing, and there was no easy way to do that. Most of the "tracking" apps I tried were extremely rigid and had their own mantra about what data you should enter. I tried using a spreadsheet on my phone and it took way longer to type things in than it should. It struck me that there was not an existing app that was flexible enough to handle any use case, while also being extremely user friendly and optimized for a mobile device. That's where Logger comes in. Well, actually that's where you come in. I'm expanding the Private Beta of Logger and would love if you joined. I need your help finding bugs, and areas where the app could be better. Most of all, I'm excited to hear about what Logs you create! Thank you so much for your interest and participation!

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